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Have you always wanted to make your own knife to take with you into the woods? In this free video class, master bladesmith Owen Bush shows you how to set up an angle grinder and start shaping knives with it in your back yard.

The angle grinder is the most important and accessible tool for a beginner knifemaker. They cost as little as £30 and with the right instruction they're easy and safe to use at home.

This course is part of our larger premium course - The Viking Knife.

What our students are saying

'This course was awesome, I ended up doing the full Viking knife course and making my first knife... I now use it for my wood carving.'

- Andrew T.

'I'd always wanted to make a knife to take camping and to eventually make as gifts for family members. I never realised how accessible knifemaking was until I did this course.'

- Levi F.